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Quick AdSense Approval [Update] 2018


Buy Domain name for Quick Adsense Approval

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So here we are gonna pick one specific topic in the above mentioned scenario. Yes, you guessed it right! the Proper Domain name.Domain name for your blog/website is very important in ad sense approval since 2017


This was the same question I too had when I started a blog!In internet world, each an every website is identified by IP address( which makes it difficult to remember all time.To be on point,The domain name is a specific name that you buy for your blog/website.
Next question could be, how to I buy it and where to buy it?
There are so many service providers who provide you with domain name. I always recommend the best solutions for all. Try out the Big Rock. These service providers help you in getting domain name in just 3 steps.
Best part is that you can even get your domain names at 1.5$ or RS.99
In this scenario, let us see how to book a domain name for yourself and make apply in blogger.

Steps to Buy a Domain:

Step 1:
Go to the service provider by clicking here –>Go to BigRock
That would open you a separate tab in your browser, so that you can follow my steps to proceed further as well.
Step 2:
There would be a search bar, type in your domain name for which you would like to purchase. Since a domain name is going to decide your blog/ website future, choose it wisely.
Adsense always prefer .com domains. So buy a .com domain.
Now type a domain name with .com and hit search.
Step 3:
It will display the domain name if its available with the cost. If the domain is already taken try out a new name.
Step 4:
If you have got your searched domain,click on Buy and press Check out.
Step 5:
If your interested with also buying Hosting space, you can buy it as well. This would be really useful if your converting blogger to WordPress. I will make a separate post for hosting and WordPress do check that.
I would recommend buying hosting as well, in case you if you do not need, press continue.
Step 6:
Now its time to make your settlements. Make your payments and get the domain name for yourself. Once the payment is made, the domain is all yours. Now let us see, how to add this to your blogger.

Adding to

Consider you are having a domain and tried applying for adsense and got rejected. Now in that case, this is the best solution, redirect your blog to a .com domain of yours..

Step 1:
Go to and select your blog.
Step 2:
Go to the settings option, there in the Basic page you will find this feature called “Set-up 3rd party URL” like below
Step 3:
Type in your domain name which you bought recently and press on save option. Now if any one opens your blog, it automatically re-directs your readers to your new domain name (
I would recommend you buying hosting space, to make your blogger site as a new website in WordPress, which could make your business or passion head a step further for making good money and traffic.

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