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10 Legit Ways to Make Money Online from Your Blog


Are you a blogger who loves writing and wants to make it a main source of income? Or are you someone who just wants to make money online?
No worries! Either way, I have got all the possibilities covered.
To add to the already existing awesomeness of the blogging world, I have curated a list of 10 ways that are going to make you money from your blog!

1.     Sell your own merchandise

If you have created a strong audience base through your blog, a great way to make some passive income is through selling your own stuff!
Be creative and make sure the merchandise that you are selling is worth their money. Supposedly, you have a food blog, you can sell your own recipe book to your audiences. If your merchandise adds value for your audiences, they will definitely buy it.
There’s no better way to promote your merchandise than your own blog!

2.     Become an affiliate

Earning through affiliate marketing is probably the most overused way of earning through blogs. But, before I tell you all about its greatness, let’s discuss what affiliate marketing is all about!
Affiliate marketing is a great marketing gig that has been adopted by many marketers over the years. However, it has proven to be a godsend for most bloggers.
When you become an affiliate, you promote a certain product or service to your audience base through your blog. When your audiences make a purchase or visit the affiliated website through you, you make money. Here, you make money on a commission basis.
To become an affiliate all you need to do is, join an affiliate program. However, don’t just randomly join any program. Just do the research for some of the best affiliate programs suitable for your blog and then start with one or more of them.
Once, you have done that, apply for that program. If the affiliate program sees your blog as a potential sales realm, you will be selected to become an affiliate. You will then be given a special affiliate link that you can use to promote the products or services.
But, make sure your audiences are directed to those websites through your link. This is because; you will only get paid if the visitors are redirected through you!
So, while promoting keep reminding your audiences to go through your link.

3.     Earn through advertisements

Another commonly used way to make money on your blog is through advertising. If you have a good amount of following on your blog, advertisers will easily get attracted to it.
They will want to have a space on your blog to promote themselves. This is a great opportunity for bloggers as they can decide on the charges as well as the ad space for advertising.
Through direct advertising, you can get paid not only for displaying advertisements on your blog page but also for every click or actions taken on those advertisements through your visitors.
This method is hardly going to involve any efforts on your parts.

4.     Earn through sponsorships

Even though affiliate marketing and sponsorships seem quite similar, they are still quite different.
First of all, if you generate a good amount of traffic through your blog, you are most likely to attract sponsors. However, if you are a fairly new blogger, you are most like to become an affiliate.
You can get the paid sponsored for your blog, once you get sponsored, you get paid to promote. However, you don’t work on a commission basis. You get paid despite the number of sales you make.
Don’t forget, getting sponsors is one hell of task!

5.     Provide services

If you have a package of information that can be shared through more ways than just your basic content then, you can earn by providing your valuable services to others.
You can provide your services in the form of coaching, seminars, consultation, etc. In order to make your audience pay for your services, make sure the services you are providing truly add to what they already get through your blogs.
You can give your audience a little taste of your knowledge by engaging them through written or video posts on your blog and then ask them to purchase the services if they need more help. In fact, your blog can be a great medium to advertise your services!

6.     Earn from guest posts

Once you have a well-established blog with a devoted audience base, you can charge other bloggers to post their content on your blog page.
However, many bloggers even let others post on their website for free. This is because, guest posts can add more valuable content to the existing blog page and also help build relationships which can be quite beneficial in the long run.

7.     Earn by Generating leads

Most companies or businesses are always on a hunt to find new ways to reach their potential customers. However, it gets quite difficult for them to get the information about the customers. But, as a blogger you can solve that problem for them and earn a great sum for it too.
If a company from your niche approaches you, as a blogger you can share the information of your genuine readers to them. The information can be anything from an email ID to a phone number.
Here, you’ll basically be the bridge between the companies and their potential customers.

8.     Website flipping

Website flipping is nothing but building an attractive website either from scratch or purchasing it on a low cost and renewing, only to sell it at a higher price.
Even though website flipping doesn’t sound like a very difficult task, building a website that is not only attractive looking but that also generates a lot of traffic isn’t a piece of cake.
As a blogger, if your blog is well optimized for search engines, user friendly, and brings in organic traffic, your blog can be sold off for a good bargain!
One of the best sites for selling website isFlippa. You can register there and submit your website details along with expected price. You can find many buyers on Flippa.

9.     Charge to access your site

If you truly feel that the information that you are providing through your blog is of great value then, don’t give it all for free!
You can charge your audience to access your blog content by purchasing your program or becoming a member. You can even build a separate domain dedicating it completely for the members and use your personal blog to advertise it. However, it’s very important for you to know that membership sites are often at a risk of repelling large traffic. But, if your content is worth the membership then, you have nothing to worry about.

10.  Take donations

Sometimes, monetary survival comes in the way of producing informative and relevant content. If your readers have a genuine liking towards you and feel that get something helpful each time they visit your blog then, they are most likely to help you.
You can ask your readers to donate to keep the blog running by donating to the blog. To make it even easier for them, you can add a donation button on your blog too.

If you are consistent with your efforts in making your blog better every day by providing valuable content to your visitors and use the above mentioned ways effectively, you will be able to make money in no time!

Thanks for reading 10 Legit Ways to Make Money Online from Your Blog

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